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Hey, would ya look at that...December 30th, 2013, 11:15 pm

It's another update! And the surprise I wanted to show y'all! Like the new site set up? :D My sister did all the coding for me and the wonderful Enigmatic-Ki over at DA did the amazing background art. I freaking LOVE IT <3

So, other then that, lemme give y'all a heads up on what's going on at my end of things. I don't remember if I said anything but I applied for a dispatching job for a sheriff's department where I used to live, in the mountains. I finally finished all the tests and hoops that I had to jump through, all the interviews and crazy testing. And now what's left is to receive a call telling me whether I got the job or not and if I did, when I start. That's why I haven't done anything the past two weeks or so and I was also waiting on the surprise, my sister was having a bit of trouble with some of the coding.

Now, if I do get the job, there might be a bit of a wait for me to move and settle into my new job and home which will be a twelve hour drive from where I am now.

All in all I hope I can continue to update during that time but after that I will still not quit on this comic as I will only be working twelve hours a day for three days a week so I'll have the other four days will be dedicated to this comic ^_^ (...If I get the job >_>; )