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---All about the comic plot, species, and Deities of the world of Oudex.

---Information on the author of the Dragon's End series

---Forum avatars of the Grey's Journey characters for your use

---Information on the characters of the Dragon's End series

Commission Works
---May they be finished, work in progress, or notes to herself, this is where Kitten keeps all of her commissioned art

---Need to contact Kitten for any reason? Here is a giant list of ways to get a hold of her!

---Want to see what conventions the Dragon's End series is going to appear at? Come here and find out!

Frequently Asked Questions
---A list of FaQs that are answered for you to read so you don't have to ask too.

Holiday Specials
---Kitten likes to draw the characters with the spirit of the holidays. Any holiday themed art will be displayed here.

---Kitten's family likes to take her places. Whenever she goes, she takes lots of pictures to help her with her art. The pictures are dumped onto this page.

Progress Status
---Want to know the status of the comic's progress so far? You can click on the link above to find out how far along Kitten has gone with the comic.

Sliding Gear
---Always wanted to make the sliding gear like at the Halloween haunt theme parks? Kitten found out how

---Desktop Wallpaper for your use containing mainly GJ themes

More to come later--Kitten